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High Steppin’ Dance Academy will provide personalized and comprehensive dance training to both the professional and amateur dancer. This is achieved by offering a variety of classes to suit any level, coupled with a class system that has been designed for the benefit of all students. 

As a student progresses, he or she will be moved to the next challenging level,ensuring that each student is working at a challenging pace, encouraging them to reach their highest potential.

Participating in dance classes gives children not only the opportunity to experience and share their love of art, it also provides a fun, safe, and exciting venue to learn the value of hard work and discipline.

At High Steppin’, our goal is to provide the best dance education for your children, while helping them become well-rounded, healthy, and outgoing young people. 

​HSDA holds an annual recital at the completion of each dance year. Dance recitals are a valuable tool and provides students with a goal and sense of accomplishment. When a performance is scheduled, dancers are excited about performing the routine that they have rehearsed. When students have a reason to work hard, they will.

​-Jo-Ann Fontaine, Director

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